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The Cycling Dictionary
Original title: Diccionario de ciclismo
Category: Non-Fiction | Sports

The Cycling Dictionary

Original title: Diccionario de ciclismo
Category: Non-Fiction | Sports

A sentimental glossary.

F ew sports rival cycling for memorable moments, few have a larger pantheon of heroes. In more than a hundred years of cycling history we have witnessed inexplicable feats, crushing tragedies, unlikely champions and legendary rivalries, from the novelesque origins of the Tour of France to Pogačar exploding onto the scene, from the battles between Anquetil and Poulidor to those between Coppi and Bartali, from Spain’s cycling greats (Ocaña, Perico, Indurain, Contador) to their nemeses (Merckx, Pantani, Hinault, etc.)

Journalist and cycling enthusiast Juanma Trueba turns his masterful prose to the sport he loves in this sentimental dictionary of cycling. The dictionary contains the sport’s greatest icons, but also some of cycling’s most mythical climbs, most memorable sponsors, and anything else with a story behind it capable of sending a cycling fan into a nostalgic revery. Trueba’s is an informal, often humorous work, where heroes and villains rub shoulder, and the epic shares a stage with the grotesque.

Highlights The Cycling Dictionary


This is a book that opts for sentiment over encyclopaedic rigour, its cast of characters and concepts chosen not to encapsulate a sport, but a sporting passion.

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Publishing date: | 232 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-27517-6 | Imprint: GeoPlaneta