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Anti Marx
Original title: Anti-Marx
Category: Non-Fiction

Anti Marx

Original title: Anti-Marx
Category: Non-Fiction

A critique to Marxist political economy.

Karl Marx is undeniably one of the most influential intellectuals in History. No other author has achieved such unparalleled heights of brilliance in tackling disciplines as disparate as Economics, Philosophy, Historiography, Sociology or Political Science. His ideas have inspired mass social and political movements that in many cases would end up taking power and implementing a revolutionary program inspired by his ideas. Juan Ramón Rallo’s essay stands out among the exceedingly abundant literature existing on Marx, for two reasons. First, there is no other work simultaneously offering an extensive and detailed review of Marx’s thinking and a thorough demolition of it. Secondly, this is the first comprehensive critique to Marxist economic theory displayed in such a meticulous and orderly way. In its first volume, Rallo introduces us to Marxist ideology and thinking, emphasising its economic aspect (although not exclusively) in a systematic and aseptic manner: it is not intended to distort or caricature Marx, but simply to explain, in the most accessible way, his ideas and line of thought.

With that purpose in mind, Rallo revises, breaks down and integrates Marx’s extensive work, from his Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right to The Marginal Notes on Adolph Wagner’s, and also Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, The German Ideology, The Poverty of Philosophy, Grundrisse and Theories of Surplus Value. Rallo’s also features Marx’s op-ed pieces in newspapers, his political manifestos, personal correspondence, and, of course, the three monumental volumes of Das Kapital. Through the joint analysis of all this literature, supported by the study of the works of Engels and other outstanding Marxist intellectuals, Rallo manages to exposed in a coherent way Marx’s theories on value, money, capital, exploitation, prices, wages, profits, social classes, economic growth, economic crises and the advent of communism. It will be in the second volume when Rallo will expose the issues and misconceptions of all these theories.

The title of this book should not be understood as a statement of personal animosity against Marx, but rather as a statement of the intention of this work: to offer a critique of Marx’s ideas, and specially, to his more specific line of economic thought. That precisely explains the subtitle of the essay: Critique to Marxist political economy.

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Juan Ramón Rallo sets out to the titanic task of both reconstructing and deconstructing Karl Marx’s economic thinking. It is the most ambitious critique of Marxism written to date

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Publishing date: | 1784 pages | ISBN: 978-84-234-3458-9 | Imprint: Deusto