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Activa tus mitocondrias | PlanetadeLibros | Foreign Rights
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Activate Your Mitochondria
Original title: Activa tus mitocondrias
Category: Non-Fiction | Health

Activate Your Mitochondria

Original title: Activa tus mitocondrias
Category: Non-Fiction | Health

The secret to a longer life.

In a world where health is a high priority, people are becoming ever-more interested in exploring the hidden wonders within our own bodies. Not least among these are the small cellular organelles known as the mitochondria, tiny ‘factories’ responsible for converting the nutrients we consume into energy.

In this book you will discover how a proper diet, physical exercise, rest and stress management can boost your mitochondrial health and increase your energy levels. You will learn about the nutrients that are essential to these structures, with practical advice for incorporating them into your diet. You will also learn valuable strategies for making the most of your genetic potential and increasing your chances of aging healthily.

You will be surprised to discover what an impact small lifestyle changes can have on your mitochondria. From adjusting your diet to using supplements such as magnesium; from changing your routine to putting your body to the test through fasting, exposure to cold and heat, or strengthening exercises.

Even though mitochondria’s main function is producing energy, these bacteria with big ideas are involved in many other essential processes, including producing heat to regulate our body temperature, synthesising steroid hormones regulating cellular calcium, liver detoxification and apoptosis.

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Publishing date: | 408 pages | ISBN: 978-84-1344-290-7 | Imprint: Alienta Editorial